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The Wamberal P&C are a committed group of parents and carers, working closely together to support and improve the facilities and technologies in and around the school for the benefit of our children. We represent the voice of parents and carers through regular meetings and open communication channels.

Together with the school, we strive to encourage our students to develop a responsibility for their own behaviour and learning. We believe that students have a right to be safe and happy at school and that they have the right to expect courtesy, fairness, respect and excellence in teaching.


P&C Meetings: 

When: 3rd Monday of each month – We do not meet during school holidays.  Click here for dates.

Time: 7pm to 8.30pm.  General meetings are held in the teacher’s staff room, however our final meeting for the year in December is held at Breakers Country Club, 64 Dover Rd, Wamberal.  We also plan meetings during the day.

P&C Constitution

P&C Bylaws

AGM Social Media Policy

AGM Code of conduct sign each AGM

AGM 2012-13 Handbook (most up to date handbook, used for guidance)

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