P&C Student Representation Policy

This document has been drafted to outline a policy by which the Wamberal Public School P&C can subsidise the costs of a student representing Wamberal Public School in either a sporting event, or the arts, in a fair and transparent manner. The subsidised cost is not intended to cover the full cost of representation, but to provide support to the parents/guardians of the students who meet the representative criteria outlined in this policy.

To meet this criteria the student must be representing the school, through some sort of school-based competition or event, to at least state level, i.e. the competition/event must cover at least the whole of NSW. This competition/event must have had some qualification for entry beyond nomination at school level, i.e. it is not sufficient to enter a state-wide competition if there have been no regional qualification rounds.

Additionally, the competition/event must be either held outside the Sydney/Central Coast/Newcastle area, or take place over more than one day. This is because the P&C subsidy is not designed to reward the student for achieving a state-level performance, but to mitigate the cost involved of competing/attending a competition outside the local area.

The P&C has allocated up to $1,000 as an annual contribution to state representative expenses. It is envisaged that this would be a “ball-park” maximum yearly amount, but there is no requirement to allocate such an amount to representative students just because the money is available, nor should this be an upper limit if we need to subsidise more students. To this end, the P&C will subsidise an individual meeting this criteria, $200, and a team meeting this criteria, $500.

To obtain the subsidised amount a parent/guardian will need to fill out the corresponding form, freely available from the WPS P&C.