Interrelate sessions 2017






P&C are running this program Wednesday March 29th 2017

Two sessions Years 3/4 6pm – 7pm and Years 5/6 7.15pm – MUST BOOK AS SPACES ARE LIMITED (booking forms will be added soon, below)

Session 1: Where Did I Come From? (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6)


  • To help children aged 8-10 years gain an understanding of the structure and functions of the reproductive system in males and females.
  • To provide information on conception (describing sexual intercourse, associated with love in the context of a caring relationship), foetal development and birth of a baby.
  • To provide opportunities for parents and children to discuss various aspects of reproduction in an informal way.
  • To reinforce the role of parents as a source of information on matters pertaining to sexuality and reproduction.

Session Content

  • Introduction ●    VF and sexual intercourse
  • Family structure and family relationships ●    Foetal development
  • Male/female babies – which is which? ●    Twin explanation
  • Protective behaviours ●    Birth
  • Male/female reproductive systems ●    Conclusion

Session 2: Preparing for Puberty (Years 5 & 6) (Years 3 & 4 at parent’s discretion)


  • To provide information on puberty for 10-13 year olds, in relation to the physical changes and emotional changes
    (in particular, helping them feel comfortable about their bodies and its functions; preparing them for the changes during      puberty and dispelling the myths and providing accurate, understandable information).
  • To help young people feel okay about being different. Everyone develops at a different rate, especially during puberty.
  • To confirm their individuality and promote self-esteem.
  • To facilitate communication between parents and their children and encourage young people to take their questions, problems and concerns to their parents.

Session Content

  • Introduction ●    Changes to boys only
  • Revision of Session 1 ●    Changes to girls only
  • How, why and when of puberty ●    Why are these changes happening?
  • Physical and emotional changes to both boys and girls ●    Conclusion


Booking form March 29th 2017